SEO-tips and tricks for website owners that use HTTPS

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Google rarely disclose specific factors ranking sites, limited to general guidelines for webmasters.More surprising was the message of the world’s largest search engine on the higher positions in the issue for sites that use HTTPS. In this article you will learn how to use this as a surprise. Read about the pros and cons of the introduction of HTTPS in terms of SEO.


What are the advantages in terms of SEO is the use of HTTPS

In early August, Google announced that allows for the use HTTPS as a positive signal in ranking sites. At the moment of this weight signal remains low. However, in the future, Google plans to increase its importance in determining the position of the resource issue. In this way, the largest search engine encourages webmasters to use HTTPS.


HTTPS is a 200+ ranking factors, besides Google emphasizes its low weight. Implementing HTTPS requires webmasters extra costs. They also face a number of technical difficulties and risks.However, HTTPS provides site owners a number of advantages:

  1. Correct display of referral data.When the user goes to the site that uses the HTTPS, on a site that uses HTTP, referral data hiding. Systems analysts are fixed directly visit that is not true. When a user goes to a website that uses HTTPS, referral data is stored. Systems analysts are fixed, with a resource user passed.
  2. Improving positions in delivery.As mentioned above, Google already takes into account the use of HTTPS when ranking sites. However, an independent research company Searchmetrics , conducted in late August, found no effect of this factor on the position of resources. Later, however, the search engine plans to increase the weight factors HTTPS. Therefore, using a secure protocol can be considered as work in the future.
  3. Privacy and anonymity.Some webmasters believe that HTTPS should use only the resources that request personal information about payment cards, etc. This is not so. The security needs as users of online shopping and banking sites, and visitors information and entertainment resources. Due to HTTPS, your users less likely to go to a fraudulent website, lose personal information, including passwords, credit card numbers, history of visits. This increases the credibility of your business.

What problems do you encounter when using HTTPS

  1. Erroneous settings.When you connect HTTPS, you must pay attention to the settings. Ask yourself the following questions:
    • You have not barred indexing certain pages or sections of a site in a file robots.txt?
    • Not if you used the wrong URL (HTTP) in tags rel = canonical?
    • Do not display if the browser your visitors frightening dialogs?
  1. Increase in download speed. The use HTPPS causes the server and the browser share a lot of information when loading resources. This adversely affects the rate of loading, which itself is an important factor in ranking. Use the tips for increasing download speed , they will help you to neutralize the negative impact of HTTPS. Notice is compatible with HTTPS data transfer technology SPDY. It reduces download time reliable.
  2. Additional costs. The cost of SSL-certificate required for HTTPS, is more than $ 100 a year. However, you can try to get a certificate for free .

How to make sure that the use of HTTPS will have no negative impact on the position of the site

Use the following checklist:

  • Make sure that every element of the resource, including widgets, Java script, files CSS, images and CDN, use HTTPS.
  • Check whether you are using 301 redirect to redirect all URL HTPP on HTPPS.
  • Make sure that the rel = canonical tags Set HTTPS URL.
  • Use arelative URL .
  • Check that the internal links were in the HTTPS URL.
  • Make sure that the search engines to index HTTPS URL.
  • Update your site map and add it with tools for webmasters Google.Do not remove the older version of the card for at least 30 days. It is necessary that the search engines have indexed 301 redirects.
  • Update the file robots.txt.Make sure you do not block indexing of important sections of the site.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the tracking code Google Analytics.Old tracking code may not support HTTPS.
  • Check whether you are usingHSTS . This mechanism eliminates incorrect redirects increases the page loading speed, increases the security of the connection.

According MOZ, 25% of website owners are planning to …

… Switch to HTTPS in the near future. If Google would keep a promise and increase the weight of this factor in the ranking, a secure connection will become the standard. Prepare your site for the transition to HTTPS advance. So you not only take care of the users, but also attract additional traffic.